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WyeSoft Video Poker is a free video poker desktop app. Video poker is a single player rendition of five-card draw poker.

The credits you've earned are saved and loaded between games. The settings screen allows you to customise the number of credits you start with, the lowest card value you need to get a "High Pair" hand, and the payout amounts for each type of hand.

The PC version of WyeSoft Video Poker is a port of an app designed for Android mobile devices. This means that some features may not work the way you would expect of a desktop app. For example, to scroll down the settings screen, you need to drag the background upwards.


WyeSoft Video Poker v1.0.4 (portable) 5 MB

Install instructions

WyeSoft Video Poker is portable and does not require installation. Place the folder anywhere you want it and run VideoPoker.exe.